About Us

Liam Sialer-Ollivierre,is the founder of LitWires. We started LitWires for one reason only: to provide the most awesome, yet affordable deals to the public through the power of the internet. We here at LW take pride in providing the most "Lit" of experiences for our customers for everything from customer service to finding super awesome deals & products that you might not find in your typical convenience store. With that being said, take a look through our site & if you do have any questions, contact us in the bottom right corner by clicking on "Send us a message". It'd be Lit of you.

Why Do We Sell The Items We Sell?
Although we do sell a wide range of items we like to focus the most on simply finding cool awesome deals that are also high-quality & affordable for our customers. Expect to find everything and more in phone accessories to much more in the near future. Stay updated with product launches by subscribing to our newsletter (On the homepage). We'll also include a free 10% off coupon for signing up!

Where Are We Located?
We're based in the city of Lynnwood, WA, but we do have multiple shipping & store locations globally connected to LitWires.

How Long Have We Been In Business?
We operate under the company Real Life Ventures, LLC. Although LitWires is a fairly new operation, Real Life Ventures has been around much longer. Due to us being so new, expect to find very cheap & affordable deals for the meantime. We aim to keep our deals as cheap & affordable as possible for as long as possible.

Who Are The People On Our Team?
LitWires is currently ran by a team of one but will expand in the near future, but Real Life Ventures is a company that is constantly taking in input from as many people as possible and they're always looking to bring new people into their team. Our current main member at LitWires is  Liam Sialer-Ollivierre.

Contact Information?
Visit our contact page or reach us by one of the following.
  • Email: LitWires@gmail.com
  • Instagram: @LitWiresOfficial
  • Twitter:@LitWires
  • Facebook: @LitWiresOfficial
  • Phone: (425)943-1480